Leonardo Dawson

How to Make Assisted Living More Affordable

Challenges of Growing Older When you were younger, you may have given some thought to the challenges associated with aging. However, now that you are getting older, those challenges are becoming more real every day.  As some point, you began to realize that you needed help with basic tasks such as cooking and housekeeping.   […]

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Senior Smarts: What You Can Do Now to Prevent Elder Abuse Later

In elementary school, teachers and elders instruct children on how to stay safe, keeping from strangers, abstaining from taking rides, and allowing parents to check Halloween candy before consumption. As we get older, much older, the propensity for danger rises again. Over 2 million Americans, of all socioeconomic backgrounds, suffer forms of elderly abuse. Elders […]

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Cool Gifts to Make Seniors Feel Young Again

Have you ever wondered what the greatest gift might be that you could give to a senior? Forget old-timer ideas from the past, as the best present your elderly relative or friend could benefit from is to feel young again. If you think outside the box you will find that there are wonderful gifts you […]

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

If you have made the decision to help a loved one enjoy continuing quality of life and as much independence as possible in difficult circumstances, then you are most likely considering the option of an assisted living facility. Moving away from their home and familiar surroundings is an important decision and moment in a senior’s […]

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