Assisted Living

5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

If you have made the decision to help a loved one enjoy continuing quality of life and as much independence as possible in difficult circumstances, then you are most likely considering the option of an assisted living facility. Moving away from their home and familiar surroundings is an important decision and moment in a senior’s […]

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Make Your Elderly Feel Loved This Holiday Season

Holidays bring happy times to many families around the world. Both children and adults enjoy receiving presents and spending time at the dinner table. Many people spend hours shopping for birthday and Christmas presents for their loved ones. Don’t forget about your elderly relatives who stay in assisted living facility or a nursing home and […]

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Transitioning a Loved One into a Nursing Home: Before, During, and After

The life changing process of moving into a new home can be difficult for anyone at any age, especially for someone 50 years set in their ways and even more so if that person has been living in the same home for decades. Many of us get attached to our belongings after a few years, […]

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Gadgets to Make Our Elderly Years Much More Pleasurable

The purpose of technology has always been to make the lives of humans easier. This means that if anything makes life harder, such as getting older, technology is what we can rely on to even the score. There are an increasingly large number of gadgets that seek to make the lives of the elderly easier […]

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Home Care for Seniors – A Caregiver’s To-Do List

When you’re a caregiver, you have to expect the unexpected, especially when you’re taking care of an elderly patient. There are more than 50 million caregivers providing home care for the weak and elderly during any given year. To make things more hectic, only 25% of all U.S households are involved in care giving, therefore, […]

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