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Cool Gifts to Make Seniors Feel Young Again

Have you ever wondered what the greatest gift might be that you could give to a senior? Forget old-timer ideas from the past, as the best present your elderly relative or friend could benefit from is to feel young again. If you think outside the box you will find that there are wonderful gifts you […]

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Spending Time with Elders Without Overspending

With so many things we juggle daily, we often end up spending less and less time with the people who need more and more of our attention each day: our aging parents and grandparents. While it is understandable that we will always have other responsibilities to attend to, it is also important that we do […]

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Home Care for Seniors – A Caregiver’s To-Do List

When you’re a caregiver, you have to expect the unexpected, especially when you’re taking care of an elderly patient. There are more than 50 million caregivers providing home care for the weak and elderly during any given year. To make things more hectic, only 25% of all U.S households are involved in care giving, therefore, […]

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Alzheimer’s Disease: Caregiver Help

What do you do when you find out your mom or dad has Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia? As the population’s life expectancy conitnues to improve we’re seeing a marked decrease in the quality of life when our bodies outlive our minds. I’ve recently discoved Fit Minds and I’m looking into the products […]

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How-To Select a Retirement Community for your Aging Parents

If you have a loved one who is approaching an age when he or she could enter a retirement community, then you may be thinking about what you need to consider when selecting a new home for your loved one. There are many factors that you need to consider when selecting a retirement community for your […]

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