Elder Law

Five Common Crimes that Target the Elderly

As people reach their senior years, some of them do not like to spend the rest of their life in the home for the aged and so they usually live alone. This is since their children have their own families or have relocated to a place, which is closer to their work. One of the […]

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Seniors And Insurance

Today there is an insurance policy for almost everything. The problem is you don’t need almost everything. You just need a small part of the insurance policies out there today. After spending a life working and earning seniors deserve the security that some insurance policies offer. But there are others that they absolutely must avoid. […]

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How you can obtain low-cost senior life insurance coverage

Life insurance needs for seniors take on different priorities. In earlier years when raising a family you had to provide for your partner, your children and their education. Now, with your children grown and on their own, you tend to settle down and protect your partner, property and other assets. To begin with ask yourself […]

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Helping Your Parents Prepare Their Wills

Preparation of a will is an essential task to accomplish for anyone nearing the end of life, and is even essential for those who just intend to be prepared for when that time comes. Still, it’s not always the easiest thing to think about or go through with. For those of you taking care of […]

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Law for Senior Citizens and Care Givers

If not now, when? Many people dread thinking about death, and most put off planning for it. If you’re caring for an aging relative, or if you’re over age 65, now is the time to do so. Living Wills One of the first things you can help a senior with is setting up a Living […]

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