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How to Stop Wandering in Elderly with Dementia?

A very interesting perspective on how to prevent wandering. People with dementia are known to wander off and get lost, hurt and even killed. The normal response is that of “prevention.” Make it harder for the person suffering from Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia to “get out.” Hang up stop signs, mount alarms on […]

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Reviewing Extra Care Homes

At some age in life, people find it difficult to perform daily chores, including taking care of one’s self. It is for this reason that we have nursing homes, adult day care, assisted living, hospice care, home care, among other establishments to take care of the senior citizens. There is a wide variety of elderly […]

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Wheelchair Safety and Your Sanity: Adjusting You and Your Small Children to a Live-In Grandparent

Ken Stanfield is a passionate blogger who spends his time researching and writing about health care, geriatric healthcare needs, and humanitarianism. He writes for the medical walkers supplier justwalkers.com The day has come for you to tell the kids that Grandma or Grandpa is coming for an extended visitin fact, they’re staying indefinitely. Having an […]

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