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More Great Gift Ideas for Your Grandparents

In a previous post, I talked about how Christmas is the time that we, grandchildren, can give back to our grandparents and shared 4 gift ideas that will make them happy. Here are other fantastic options that will make their Christmas one they will always remember.

A Trip to the Salon


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Who says primping is only for the young? For me, grandparents will always be young at heart and will also want to look their best during the holiday get together with family and friends.  Pamper your grandparents with a trip to the salon where your Grandpa can look dapper with a new haircut. Perhaps your Grandma would like to get a perm or a new hair color to update her look. She may want to get a manicure and pedicure instead.


Elder people have special needs and these needs often affect their choices in food, clothing and even furniture. Those with bad backs require a special bed so that it won’t aggravate their back pain. If you want to buy them a couch or a sofa set, there are some important factors that you need to consider first. To help guide you on your furniture purchase, you can look over this checklist. It would be great if you can surprise your grandparents with new furniture, but letting them tag along while shopping will help you narrow the choices on what they want for their living room.


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Grandparents love to reminisce about the past and what better way to let them relive their experiences than to compile them in a scrapbook. Restore old black and white photos, blow them up and have them framed. Another option is to create a storybook style scrapbook that will chronicle how your grandparents met and their lives throughout the years. This visual guide would make recalling their past experiences more enjoyable as they tell their curious grandchildren about their story. If you have an artist friend, commission a painting or a charcoal sketch of your grandparents and have it framed so they can display it on their wall. You can also choose to create a collage of pictures collected over the years and have it framed. If you find scrapbooking tedious, you can make a video using the pictures you have gathered and scanned.


Elder people often have trouble with appliances especially if they have complicated functions and buttons. An automated vacuum cleaner will make an excellent gift as it will help them clean without the hassle. Purchase one that is easy to use with just one click of the button. Choose the kind that will not require your grandparents to bend over as they try to clean hard-to-reach corners. At their age, they have weak backs, so bending over too much will cause backache.

Whatever gift you choose for your grandparents, always remember that it’s the thought that counts. You don’t have to spend on outrageously expensive gifts. In addition to material things, spend quality time with them. The knowledge that they are loved is sure to make their Christmas even more special.


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Preparing Our Seniors for the Holidays


With Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and the Yuletide season just around the corner, now is the most opportune time to set the stage for warm and happy family gatherings, and that definitely includes our beloved elderly family members.

Do remember that like little children, our grand folks have some special needs that have to be met, so I’ve come up with a short list of the most essential things one needs to prepare for the upcoming holidays. With the extreme hustle and bustle associated with this time of year, it’s a very good idea to prepare early.

Stock Up on Sundries and Supplies

With all the activities lined up for the holidays, heading to the supermarket won’t be the most convenient of tasks (traffic, long lines, dwindling stocks, etc.). Remember that aside from the usual toiletries all of us use, your elders will have other needs like adult diapers and their medicines and/or food supplements.

If you can, have enough supplies to last the entire holiday season. It’ll greatly reduce your trips to the stores, and with all that time freed up, you can spend more quality moments with the family.

Prepare their Gear

Make sure they also have their accessibility and mobility devices like walkers, braces, or wheelchairs in good working order, ready for some light travel. If their equipment already has some preexisting kink or squeaky moving part, do address the issue immediately as this will certainly provide a great inconvenience if they should break down or malfunction during the holidays.

It’s the information age, and there are some key additions to a senior’s citizen’s arsenal of equipment. One of them is a handy mobile phone for emergencies and keeping in touch with the loved ones. Another would be a tablet computer, to keep them connected and have their minds continually stimulated with literature, games, and other audiovisuals.

Plan Events

Our elders need to enjoy the homestretch years, and we also need to spend as much quality time as we can with them. Have a few days dedicated to some outdoor fun, like a family picnic or a visit to an amusement park.

Do be selective, as you don’t want to end up all stressed out and hassled; that’s counterproductive to the idea of quality time, after all. Try looking for some venues that are off the beaten track (not too remote, though). The idea is to enjoy each other’s company.

Family Meals as Often as Possible

Breaking bread as a family is one of the best times to bond. If you have kids, tell them beforehand to be little more considerate and conversational towards them, and keep their table manners in check; grandma and grandpa need to know they are loved and are appreciated even at the twilight of their lives.

As a side note, do consider them when you prepare the meals. Consult their nutritionist or dietician as to what they can eat without upsetting their already fragile systems. Holidays are notorious for comfort food, and some of these dishes aren’t the best for our elders.

I hope these tips help you and your grand folks enjoy the holidays in each other’s company. Live well, and Happy Holidays!

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