Estate Planning


Home Options for Older People: Should You Accept Assisted Living or Modify Your Existing Home

Getting older and wiser while watching the awe-inspiring growth of your family and friends, knowing you have lived a full life, is a gift not all of us are able to appreciate. For those lucky enough to see past retirement, becoming older brings about a host of new life perspectives, concerns, and needs. Often, many […]

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Five Steps to Staying Safe During Retirement

Retiring Abroad: What You Need to Know

It seems these days that with an increase in global connectivity and more easily accessible air transportation, destinations once thought to be exotic are more like a hop, skip, and a jump away. Plenty of elder folks have seen their children and grandchildren head off on study abroad trips or backpacking tours through Southeast Asia […]

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How to Begin a Conversation about Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important part of one’s life. While it can be depressing to think about one’s eventual death, it’s important to make sure that one leaves a spouse, children or loved ones the resources they need for success in life. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to begin a […]

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