4 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Do you remember the time when you used to sit on Grandpa’s knee while he told you stories? How about the time when Grandma used to bake you chocolate chip cookies? This Christmas, it’s time for us to give back to our beloved grandparents. If you’re out of ideas on what you can gift them with, here are some suggestions that will help you out.

 Homemade Cookies


Whenever I pass by pastry shops and get a whiff of baking smells, it always makes me nostalgic. Some of my earliest memories with my grandmother were spent in the kitchen where she would whip up batches of yummy cookies for me and my cousins. Make Christmas memorable by reliving these experiences in the kitchen. This time around, the tables have turned and you’ll be the one baking for your grandmother.

Not sure if your cookies will pass muster? Remember that practice makes perfect. Once you’ve perfected the cookie recipe, put it in a jar and decorate it for a more festive feel. When your grandmother takes a bite of your delicious cookie, she’ll be so proud that she passed off her baking skills to you.


The older you get, the more your eyesight will worsen, which is why an HD television would make a fantastic gift for your grandparents. A high definition TV will make watching movies and other television series clearer and a more enjoyable viewing experience. Gather your cousin together and make this a joint gift venture. When you have a break from work, take time out to see your grandparents and spend quality time with them while watching their favorite movies or game shows on their new TV.

Fur Coat

Furs are back in fashion not just because it’s winter, but also due to the influence of Anna Karenina, a movie which stars Keira Knightley in luxurious furs. Faux furs have become one of the biggest trends this season, and your grandmother will be delighted to know that old styles have become new again. Get your Grandma looking glamourous with a gorgeous mink coat or if she thinks it’s a little extravagant, a fur-trimmed coat is another stylish alternative. You can also opt for a faux fur hat will keep her head warm or a comfy fur scarf that can double as a hat. Your grandfather might not like the fuss of fashion so you can buy him a pair of leather gloves to keep his hands warm during winter.

Weekend Trip to Las Vegas


Grandparents often have a lot of time on their hands especially when they’re retired. Often times they like to just stay at home, tend the garden and seldom travel. Every once in awhile, your grandparents like a little excitement and entertainment in their lives. Take your grandparents on a vacation to Vegas and let them enjoy a weekend away from home. There are reasonably priced hotel accommodations that are located near casinos and restaurants so they won’t have to walk far to take a shot at the slot machines or dine when they’re hungry. Who knows, this exciting weekend getaway might just inspire them to go on another road trip soon.

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