Background Check Your Home Health Aide or Nurse

If your elderly loved one needs help from in-home health aide, be very careful about whom you hire. The vast majority of home health aides are really amazing people who do a really tough job. The right home health aide can improve the quality of life for the elderly patient and make caring for a loved one more manageable. But choosing the wrong one can lead to very bad end.

When you call a visiting nurse service or a local home health care agency, you assume the person they send you will be a skilled elder care professional, not a violent felon, right? Some states, like New Jersey require a criminal background check for homemaker health-aides that bar individuals who have committed certain crimes from being certified – as you’d expect. But California has some loop-holes that allow some awful criminals access to very vulnerable people.

We strongly recommend you get a background check on anyone you are going to hire to care for a elderly person. Go here for Free Background Checks. Safe & Easy.

Caring for your aging parent is a challenge and we all need help from time to time. After you’ve exhausted your vacation and sick days, how can you continue to care for them at home? That’s when many people turn to professionals for assistance.  A home health care agency can hook you up with visiting nurses who can help you provide care for aging relatives at home.  But sometimes you don’t need a registered nurse, after all the more certifications a healthcare provider has a more expensive they’ll be to hire.  Very often a home health aide or senior companion is all you need.

But how do you find someone you can trust?  After all, who ever you hire has to be well-trained, professional and compassionate as well is trustworthy and hard-working.  Every day you read in the paper about a home health aide who was hired to help a family member who turns out to be a crook or an abusive lunatic.  Let’s be clear, these stories are the exception and not the rule.  There are thousands of great home health aide workers that will go above and beyond to care for your loved ones.  How do you tell the good ones from the bad ones?

We always recommend that you get references and a background check on anyone that you are considering hiring to care for an elderly person. You can take your chances and advertise for help in your local newspaper or on Craigslist for example but you taking a chance.  Here at ElderKind we are big fans of

Free Background Checks and More. When you sign up for an account at you can get a free background check on anyone that you’re thinking about hiring.  The reason why you’d like to have an account is because that your needs and the needs of your elderly parent will change over time and the caregivers that you hire will come and go.  You may be able to find an excellent part-time home health aide but then suddenly you need someone 24 hours a day seven days a week when you or another family caregiver is unable to be there.  By signing up foreign account you’ll always have access to profiles on local in-home care providers that you can hire very quickly.  You be able to read about who they are, what their work experience is and read reviews from other people who have hired them.  It’s a much better way of finding a local person to help you care for someone you love.

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