Caring For Your Elderly Parents Is As Easy As Installing A Stair Lift!

The ageing years can be a trying time for not only your parent but yourself as well. Many do not see that these individuals also have lifestyles to adjust to once the sunset years set in. Your elderly parent is going through a myriad of body changes that are both confusing and frustrating to them. Ageing is the reverse side of puberty and the changes creep up on you before you even know it. Most of the frustration stems from the knowledge that you are not as strong or as fast or even as sharp as you used to be.

As the child now turned loving adult to your parents, it can be unbalancing to see the reliable father or mother now needing guidance and help.

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Although you may love giving the tender care to your parents just like how they once did, care giving necessarily need not be a burden for both of you. Make it easier by getting a stair lift for your parent.

Many (your parent and yourself included think) that a wheel chair is the ultimate sign of old age and is even a form of disability. However quite to the contrary, buying your parent a wheel chair and installing a stair lift in the house, is probably the best care you can give to them.

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Why one should install a stair lift for the elderly

  • Redeem their self esteem

One of the challenges of old age is a challenge of what you can do and what you cannot. You know that you are tall enough to get the jar on the top shelf only for the arthritis in your hands to prove you wrong. It is disheartening to say the least not being able to do what you well could. You soon realize you need someone to do a few tasks for you and the feeling of helplessness does massive damage on one’s esteem.

Redeem their esteem by giving them that wheel chair and stir lift that eases their movement around the house and makes them feel good again. It is nice to know you can spend a whole day on your own and perform all tasks without needing assistance from someone. Uplift their esteem and they will be happier at the end of the day.

  • Make them less dependent

Having a stair lift in their house makes all areas of the house accessible to them. It makes them less dependent on anyone to lift the wheel chair over the stairs or take them out for the fresh air.

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You save money, as you now do not need to hire a permanent caregiver to dwell with them. Opt for one who comes for a few hours in a day to check up and do a few chores. Increase their mobility and sense of freedom.  It is great for their mental and social health.

  • Ease your worry

When you are working, have your own family to take care off then add an ageing parent to the picture you may be on your way to the doctor’s due to the increased stress levels. A stair lift does wonders for you as well.

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You can work in peace knowing all is well. They are able to move well around the house and are safe. Do not keep calling every five minutes to find out if they knocked anything over. They are doing just fine!

  • You do not need to move them to a new house or nursing home

Many adults opt to move their parents to a nursing home when they find that they cannot adequately take care of them. Whereas a nursing home has its benefits, unless they are diagnosed with an illness that needs constant care, they are far much better in their own home.

Being around familiar surroundings makes them feel at peace. Make them able to stay in their own home. Ultimately, it is cheaper than putting them up in a nursing home or moving them to a smaller bungalow house.

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  • Easy to place and remove

The best part about the wheel chair and the stair lift is that they can be reused. Once you no longer have any use for them you can sell them as second hand items and there is good market for them. With proper installation no damage will occur on your property during installation and even when removing it. It does not lower your property value at all.  It surely saves you heaps when it comes to money!

John is a trained caregiver and offers his specialized services to homes and nursing homes as well. The stairlift, he argues, makes work much easier for all involved.

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