Senior Safety

Spread the Warmth – Check Elderly Friends and Family’s Heating this Winter

While the cold winter months can be uncomfortable for all of us, for elderly people, the bitter temperatures pose a serious risk to their health, and even their lives. By sparing a few minutes to check the heating of any elderly friends, family or neighbours you may have, you could be making an incredible difference. […]

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How to Outfit Your Home for Your Golden Years

Whether we like it or not, aging is part of our human reality. But growing older doesn’t mean that our favorite activities and places must become off-limits – and for this reason, it is incredibly important to make changes within your home that increase accessibility and keep your body safe. Take time now to think […]

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Senior Smarts: What You Can Do Now to Prevent Elder Abuse Later

In elementary school, teachers and elders instruct children on how to stay safe, keeping from strangers, abstaining from taking rides, and allowing parents to check Halloween candy before consumption. As we get older, much older, the propensity for danger rises again. Over 2 million Americans, of all socioeconomic backgrounds, suffer forms of elderly abuse. Elders […]

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Managing Meds for Patients with Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Sometimes it can seem like a cruel irony: the elderly, particularly those suffering from dementia, senility or Alzheimer’s disease, are often both most in need of medication and most likely to take those medications incorrectly. Mistakes with prescriptions can result in illness and even death, so proper med management for seniors with senility issues is […]

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On Elders and Automobiles

image from Pinterest Our aging parents/grandparents are not as spritely and agile as they used to be, but for as long as they have good use of their physical and mental faculties, they should still be able to get behind the wheel and drive. Healthy walks are good for them (and us), but there are just […]

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