Elder Abuse Discovered With Secret Granny-Cam

Recon Air Filter Hidden Camera with Recording (DVR)

A granny cam, like the one above, saves an elderly Alzheimer’s patient from abuse.

Elder abuse can be hard to prove, especially when the victim is mentally impaired, there are no other witnesses and abuser is in a position of trust.

An Ohio man was suspicious of the care his mom was receiving. But like many other families he was unable to back up his allegations of sub-standard care. His mother, a 78 year-old Alzheimer’s victim is unable to communicate well and the nursing home dismissed his claims. So, he decided to get proof.

He purchased a granny cam and installed it in his mother’s bedroom in the nursing home. For 72 hours at a time the camera, disguised as a fan, sat and recorded everything. He was shocked by what he found.

In the video below, supplied by WKYC, shows the outcome.

Could this sort of thing be happening to your loved one? How could a nursing home ignore the signs?

The chances are that your loved one is not being abused, but they may be getting less than perfect care. The majority of nurses are caring and professionals – and the actions of this nurse’s aide are not the norm.

Unfortunately, nursing home staff deal with lots of delusional patients who claim they’re being abused when it really isn’t the case. They also deal with relatives who complain about things that never happened. That’s why things like this can happen.

How can you protect your aging loved one from elder abuse from a caregiver? You may want to invest in a hidden camera, also known as a granny-cam. Buy a granny-cam and see for yourself.

Here’s a link to find out more about this amazing hidden camera and dozens more cleverly disguised cameras to keep seniors safe from abuse:

Recon Air Filter Hidden Camera with Recording (DVR)

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