Five Health Innovations that Make Life for Seniors Easier

Many inventions have helped senior citizens, including bathroom railings and wheel chairs. While older and more traditional technology is still employed, new gadgets are opening up whole worlds of access and security. The five products listed below are the latest inventions and are still being improved.

Power chairs

Electric mobile equipment for the average person includes electric scooters and golf carts adapted to home purposes. Seniors love their power chairs, which are made possible by improving battery technology. It is difficult to improve the efficiency of the electric motor, but lithium batteries are much lighter than the traditional lead-acid battery. The end result is a power chair that is faster and requires less maintenance.

Large button smart phones

Today’s seniors are retiring baby boomers who understand how to use a cell phone. The problem with old age is that poor vision makes it hard to press little buttons. Smart phones use large touch screens. Smart phones are easily adapted for seniors by using large touch buttons and a large font size. Many smart phones are already smart enough to be adjusted for accessibility.

App for home heart monitors

Simpler versions of cardiograms are mass produced and available for any patient to use at home. Not only does it give the customer an idea of their own heart strength, but it allows doctors and nurses to check on senior citizens without having to bring them to the hospital. Even more innovative, a home cardiogram can be plugged into a cell phone or Internet outlet. A doctor can now inspect heart health remotely.

Adult Diapers

Depends is just one brand of adult diaper. While it might sound like an insult, the truth is that elderly people lose control of bladder and bowl function as they age. Inserting a catheter is always risky, but an external catchment will do the job.

Hearing Aids

A small button battery is enough to power a device that amplifies sound for the ear. While older hearing aides were external, according to a Los Angeles hearing aid company, modern hearing aids are small enough to completely insert into the ear. Battery life is longer and sound quality is better thanks to improved electronics. For such a miracle, recent hearing aides are inexpensive and require little maintenance aside from occasionally replacing the small battery.

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