Five Steps to Staying Safe during Retirement

Staying safe in today’s society is more complicated than ever, and unfortunately, many criminals target senior citizens because they believe them to be easy targets. However, retirement doesn’t have to involve living in fear of becoming a crime statistic. Following are five ways that you can keep safe even as crime rates rise.

Realize That Criminals Have Become More Sophisticated

Guard against cyber theft by using a shredder for personal documents, paying with a debit card rather than writing traditional checks and using good virus protection on your computer. Because there are many telephone scams involving seniors by those who try to masquerade as local utility companies, never give out credit card information to anyone who calls for any reason.

Use Caution When Making Social Media Posts

Retired people tend to travel more than those who have employment obligations, and one of the newest ways that potential thieves find new targets is by searching social media posts. Waiting until you return to post those vacation photographs will help keep your home and belongings safe.

Don’t Underestimate a Good Home Security System

Thieves and other prospective household intruders are creatures of opportunity who are much less likely to break into a home that has a good security system in place. LifeShield Nashville is recommended as one of the top security systems in the country and an exemplary industry example of how technology can play a pivotal role in household security.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors will result in more pleasant community relations as well as keep you safer. People who know one another are more likely to investigate suspicious circumstances in their neighborhoods rather than turning a blind eye when something doesn’t seem quite right.

Routinely Examine All Doors, Windows and Other Possible Entryways

You can’t be too careful concerning this particular aspect of household security. Even if you think that all doors and windows have been carefully locked, double checking them on a regular basis will help keep your home safe from home intruders. If you routinely open windows and doors to let fresh breezes into your home during hot summer days, consider having air conditioning installed as an alternative. Many thieves gain access to homes when temperatures rise through windows and doors that have been left open.

Most home security strategies involve simple common sense, but seniors in particular need to keep in mind that modern thieves frequently utilize technology to help them achieve their nefarious goals.

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