GPS for Senior Citizens With Dementia

How effective are GPS systems in helping find people suffering from dementia? Incredibly effective. Having a tracking device that can locate an Alzheimer’s victim who is wandering can be the difference between life and death.

We’re currently reviewing the available systems to help you find the best tracking device to help you protect your loved one.  Here at ElderKind, we believe having a reliable tracking device is essential for every dementia victim, even if they are not living at home. Every year there are cases of elderly people wandering out of senior care facilities and never returning home. In fact, this very thing happened to one of my cousin’s in-laws. She wandered out of the nursing home in the dead of winter. Her body was found many months later. If she had a tracking device it is likely she would have been found in under 30 minutes.

If you’ve had experience with a tracking device service, please let us know! Tell us which service you’d recommend and why. Thanks.

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