How to Choose the Best Furniture for Elderly People

Thinking of buying your grandparents a new sofa set? Before you decide to throw out that ratty old couch that has been with them for decades, here are a few tips that will guide you when furniture shopping for older people.

Firmness Factor

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Comfort is important and you might think only the softest fluffiest sofa will do. For you, yes. But remember that you’re buying for your grandparents. Firm furniture will serve them better than flimsy ones. Their old age makes getting up an effort, and soft furniture will only make them sink and double that struggle. Go for the sturdy type and avoid the lightweight ones that break easily.

Adequate Support

Choose furniture that has armrests so that grandparents can hold on to it for support when sitting down and getting up. Backrests are also important because old people tire easily and like to sit back and relax. If you choose a backless sofa, they might forget and lean back only to fall over without the support. Big throw pillows can also help support them when getting up.


Do you fancy those stylish furniture that are set low to the ground? They may look nice but they won’t make your grandparents happy. Climbing on too high furniture or sinking on too low furniture can stress them out. Elderly people need furniture that are just the right height that makes it easy for them to sit down and stand up.


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Older people don’t need long furniture where they could end up sitting in the middle, far from the armrests, which they rely on to get up. In choosing a sofa, a loveseat would be perfect for them. It seats only two people and the armrests are not that far apart. It will also allow your grandparents to enjoy some quality time together while relaxing on the couch.



Bulky furniture can occupy a lot of space, precious space that elderly people need to move around easier. Small to medium sized furniture are more ideal for your grandparents since they are compact and free up more area for them to move without bumping into many things. Take note also of the size of your grandparents’ living room so you can purchase furniture that will fit in there comfortably. Once you’ve purchase it, set the couch firmly against the wall so that it won’t move when your grandparents get up.


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Don’t choose colors that will make the furniture blend with the color of the walls or floor. Select a vivid shade that provides a pleasant contrast to make it more visible especially for those with fading eyesight. A hue that is easy on the eyes can also help increase the relaxing ambience of your grandparents’ home.

Easy to Clean

If you find cleaning a chore, how much more for elderly people. All that bending over can’t be good for their aching backs and arthritic joints. If you do choose furniture for them, opt for one with upholstery that is easy to clean. There are those with removable covers or those that only require occasional cleaning with a vacuum. Purchasing one of those smart vacuum cleaners for your grandparents along with their new couch can help them out a lot.

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