How To Find Good Home Aides for Senior Care

If you’re like so many Americans who struggle to care for an elderly loved one, you know how much a qualified home aide can help. But how do you find a senior care home aide you can trust?

You could post an ad on Craigslist “looking for someone to care for my elderly parent” – but we do not advise that. You don’t know who might respond. Sure, there are plenty of good nurses, physician’s assistants and senior care workers that might respond – but how can you tell if they’re any good?

Good Place for Finding Senior Care at Home

We recommend to help you find a great person who can help you take care of mom or dad. The nice thing about their service is that they offer a free background check on home-aides. You can search your local neighborhood for people right in your town who love to care for the elderly and do a good job at it too. Check out what they offer here: Home Care Aides

Home Health Aides – What You Need to Know

Every day it seems we read about a senior citizen who’d been abused or mistreated by a hired health care worker that the family trusted. That’s why it is so important for you to check references.

A great way to find good help is word of mouth. Don’t be shy … ask around. Ask your friends and co-workers, ask your pastor, your dry-cleaner … ask! You may want to post a note to your connections on Facebook … you’d be surprised at how quickly you can get recommendations. But – even if someone comes to you with a great recommendation – do a background check.

Another tip – keep a close eye on the help you hire … and let them know someone is watching closely. It may sound paranoid, but a secret video camera or Granny Cam is a way you can watch the people you’ve hired. We’ve seen too many elder abuse cases – get a video monitor and get peace of mind.

Granny Cam Hidden in Clock!


Ask questions. The more you are on top of things the more the aide will be too. Don’t assume anything. Request it specifically.

When you hire an aide, spend time with them so that your parent can get accustomed to them and the aide can learn the way you like things done. Call and visit often and take notes.

In summary, go to for a free background check, always check references, get a surveillance camera for the house and stay on top of the care of your parent.

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