How to Save Money on Stairlifts

Though this article focuses on stairlifts much of it can also be applied to other mobility aids such as scooters and wheelchairs particularly the section on applying for grants and funding.

Affordable Stairlift For Elder Care

While not in the same price range as a car or a house, stairlifts are still pricey, most models cost between $2,800 to $4000. This is just for a standard straight stair. Longer or unusually shaped stairs will cost even more to fit. To make matters worse many of the people who are in need of stairlifts are often financially vulnerable as retirement funds and pensions are stretched even more than normal these days.

However there are number of options to ease the pain if you do need a lift. The first is to look in to buying a reconditioned stairlift. In much the same you might buy a second hand car, reconditioned stairlifts often offer the same quality as new stairlifts for a significant reduction in price up to a third in some cases. So long as you buy from a reputable supplier then it offers a great way to save money without sacrificing comfort and ease of mind. Most suppliers will conduct a twenty point check to ensure that the lift is just as safe as a new one. (It is also greener as it means that there is no need to build another new stairlift with all resources that entails.)

If you do decide to go for a reconditioned stairlift then it is worth checking the age as it is often hard to find spare parts for models over two years or more. It can also be harder to get a decent warranty so make sure your supplier will give you a warranty for at least year to cover you for any unexpected problems.

It might also be worth considering renting rather than buying a lift. For example if you want one while you are recovering from an operation. This will spread the cost out and mean that if you decide that you no longer need or want it then it should be simple to get it taken away. The main disadvantage of doing this is that most companies only rent lifts for straight stairs. This is mainly due to the cost of installing a custom rail for curved stairs.

Second it really is worth shopping around. I doubt I need to tell you this, but when parting with this much money for a device that you will use every day you don’t just look at prices. Look for companies which offer good customer service, including after sales. If you have any friends with stairlifts ask them about their experiences, particularly any problems they may have had. With any luck you will be able to find a supplier who doesn’t cost the earth but also offers a good level of customer service so that you can be sure any problem do get fixed quickly.

Third look for grants and loans to help you pay. There are lot of organizations out there that will offer financial aid for buying a stairlift. For example in the US the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging and the Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs are amongst several agencies that can help you buy a mobility aids such as stairlifts. In the UK Disabled Facilities Grants can contribute up to £30,000 towards helping a person have greater mobility in and around their home. There are also a range of charities such as age related and muscular dystrophy charities that may have programmes to help towards the cost of stairlifts.

The exact amount depends a lot upon their funds. The exact contribution you can be given in each of these cases will depend both upon your needs and your own personal funds. For example if you are a millionaire with a slight limp then I doubt you will get much aid, whereas if you’re living off a state pension and have advanced arthritis then it will be a lot easier to get funding. In addition if you have done your research and are applying for funding towards a reconditioned stairlift then it should simplify matters more.

So if you are considering a stairlift don’t let money put you off. It may be a significant investment, but the resources and the support are out there to help you. Ask your friends and family for help researching options. In fact despite what I said at the start it is similar to buying a car or a house, you have to shop around, consider second hand options and look for financial aid. You also have to be careful and ensure you buy from reputable suppliers.

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