Improving your Quality of Life with a Rise and Recline Chair

Sometimes when mobility is a struggle, simple things that we take for granted like rising from a chair, or sleeping comfortably at night, can be surprisingly difficult. And, what’s more, because these things are such a big part of life, being able to do them comfortably and with ease can have a huge impact on an individual’s quality of life. This is why the Rise and recline chair can have such a positive impact on the life of an elderly or disabled person.

Rise and recline chairs are specially designed to be ergonomically ideal allowing the user to perform many tasks from the chair and to sit comfortably for extended periods. This makes them especially well-suited to individuals who suffer from back problems. The incredible design of the Rise and Recline chair allows the user to sit and rise from the chair in a gently assisted way, as the chair itself will rise and subsequently recline electronically. For many elderly and disabled people, loss of independence is one of the most stressful and frustrating aspects of their lives. The Rise and Recline chair gives back this independence by making it easy and stress-free to move in and out of the seat.

Likewise, adjustable beds work on the same premise with a focus on maximising independent movement for the elderly or disabled individual. With four settings: the side sleep position, the contour position, the head and feet raised position and the feet raised position, these adjustable beds allow for maximum comfort whether sleeping or awake and also, by gently rising the body from a horizontal position, help the user to get out of their bed with minimal need for assistance. These settings can be easily controlled and altered with use of the attached controller, which will always be within comfortable reach.

Adjustable beds will especially improve quality of life for any individual who is unwell and required to spend extended periods of time in bed. In the head and feet raised position that the bed offers, reading or watching television in bed will become so comfortable. And, like the Rise and Recline chairs, the bed is ergonomically designed where pillows may cause uncomfortable bends in the back and will be liable to shift around, all settings of the adjustable bed are designed to support the body in an even and equal way.

As well as providing independence and vital comfort to the user of the adjustable bed or Rise and Recline chair, these items also help to provide peace of mind to the relative of any elderly or disabled person. Sometimes, it can be difficult not to worry about a relative who struggles with mobility, but something as simple as knowing they are comfortable in their bed, or can rise easily from a chair can make a world of difference.

Every individuals needs are different. Luckily, with both the Rise and Recline chairs and the adjustable beds, there are a wide range of options available to suit every requirement. For example, individuals who particularly suffer from back problems can be advised as to the best mattress for their bed and the Rise and Recline chair can include many luxurious additions such as massage settings and heat pads. All designed to offer independence and comfort to improve life all round.

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