Keeping Your Eye on Your Medicare Advantage Plan

The Internet has been buzzing about Medicare Advantage Plans lately and about the possible changes underway in plan options. There are many rumors about how Obamacare is destroying Medicare plans for the future, but don’t let gossip get the best of you.

While some local plans are being phased out, you may not be affected by these changes. Still, now may be time to reevaluate your own Medicare coverage.

We know. Nobody, especially seniors, enjoy doing research and making changes to healthcare coverage, but checking up on plan options is best way to ensure you are getting the best coverage possible.

So instead of going straight to the part about how much money you’re spending on premiums and copayments for your current plan, make sure to read the fine print in those monthly statements. Procrastinating on reading the details in your statements may cost you more than you can afford, and in this economy, every penny is worth its weight.

There is a variety of information online about Medicare Advantage Plans and some websites may be the best place to start researching. One site is, the official government site for Medicare. provides specific details about the various plans including prescription drug plans, learn more about words you may hear floating around (but don’t really understand) like Medigap, and understand the differences between the Original Medicare Plan and other plans available. Information on changing plan options is available on and other healthcare-related websites.

While other healthcare sites provide great advice on Medicare Advantage Plans, you should be weary of any sites that offer private plans that may too good to be true. Make sure to verify any information with credible sites. Merely typing in Medicare Advantage into a search engine may not be enough, so you may want to start by reading topics by online news outlets or even start asking friends or family members who are currently enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plans.

Even with the breadth of information on the Web, the best resource may be the Notice of Change statement that should be showing up in your mailbox sometime soon. Make sure to look out for it and to read it thoroughly. Don’t hesitate to contact your specific healthcare provider if you need further clarification about the details.

Take advantage of your health coverage now by staying on top of changes in your plan and don’t let your Medicare plan take advantage of you.

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