Make Your Elderly Feel Loved This Holiday Season

Holidays bring happy times to many families around the world. Both children and adults enjoy receiving presents and spending time at the dinner table. Many people spend hours shopping for birthday and Christmas presents for their loved ones. Don’t forget about your elderly relatives who stay in assisted living facility or a nursing home and no longer live with you. Holiday season is a time of the year when they get particularly lonely and isolated.

Many people may feel sad and depressed as aging comes with lots of losses. They may think of the times when they were together with friends and relatives who passed away. That is why you need to be particularly attentive to your parents and grandparents during the holiday season. You need to make them feel loved and welcomed in your house. After all, the holiday season should be about the people you love and miss.


Here are some suggestions how to welcome your elderly during the holiday season:

-          Empathy is the key. Try listening to your elderly relatives. They may start telling you stories about their youth and friends that passed away. Holidays bring back a lot of memories. Your relatives can become a bit sentimental. That is why it is your task to comfort them.

-          Show them that they matter. They shouldn’t feel that it is your duty to take care of them; it should rather be your pleasure. I know, you might be tired and exhausted. Try making the best of it during the holidays. Thank them for being there for you when you needed them. Now it is your turn to return the favor.

-          You can take your children to the nursing home to visit their grandparents. You will make your parents simply happy.

-          Talk to people in the nursing home or facility about the holiday plans. You may help them in organizing some holiday celebrations, bring the food or take your relatives away for a couple of days.

-          You can help them in decorating their room for Christmas, Easter, Birthday or any other holiday they enjoy. The holiday mood is also important.

-          If you enjoy baking, don’t forget to bring some cookies for your elderly. I am sure they will appreciate it. Don’t forget about the dinner table. The food and decorations should be special and reflect the spirit of the holiday. Turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas presents are must. A great holiday feast will make them remember it for a long time.

-          Most importantly you need to simply spend time with your loved ones. You can watch their favorite movie together or go through an old photo album. They’re not getting any younger and you should appreciate every moment you share together. The time is precious.


I am sure you have a very busy schedule. You need to pick up your children from school and run errands. Nonetheless, you still need to find some time to spend with your parents. Don’t make them feel lonely and abandoned this holiday season.


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