Medical Alert Pendants for Senior Citizens

Medical alert pendants are simple and affordable way to protect senior citizens who live alone. Every year thousands of senior citizens are injured from fall and slip accidents. Without immediate medical attention, many of these accident victims can suffer more severe injuries and even death.

Please see our buyer’s guide for a complete guide to choosing the right medical alert system by clicking here.

We strongly recommend purchasing a reliable medical alert system for any elderly individual who is at risk of fainting or falling due to muscular weakness or other conditions. The fact is that a senior citizen is much more likely to have to be hospitalized because of the fall. The longer a fall victim is without medical attention, the more serious their injuries can be.

With a medical alert system installed in your parents or grandparents home, they can get instant access to medical assistance – or simply get in touch with friends or relatives who can help them in their time of need. It’s really important that when you get a system like this for your elderly loved one that they fully understand how the system works. Many elderly people are worried that by pushing the button they will be forced into an ambulance against their will and taken away! You need to sit down with them and explained that they are completely in charge with the medical alert device.

The only time the police department, fire fighters or ambulance will come to their house is when there’s an actual emergency. It’s a monitoring station that responds when the medical alarms activated. As long as they can communicate with someone in the house and can assess the situation as a non-emergency they will not automatically call 911.

When you purchase the system you will be asked to give them specific instructions as to what to do and who to call in the event that someone pushes the panic button. You’ll be asked to give them a list of names and phone numbers of people to contact in the event the elderly person needs help. Make sure you give them a complete list of nearby neighbors and friends, priests, rabbis, etc.

This way, when the button is pushed in the monitoring company calls into the house via a very loud speaker phone Monitor which which is included with the system, the trained monitoring station employee can quickly connect the person looking for help with the right resource. They can easily send out text messages, e-mails, or telephone calls to whomever you specify every time the alarm button is pushed.

A reputable monitoring company will regularly test the monitoring station which is installed in a central location at the elderly persons house. This monitoring station is hooked up to a landline telephone line and is activated when the medical alert pendant button is pushed. The monitoring stations should be located within a central location in the house. Be sure to speak to the representatives about getting the proper strength signaling device if your parent or grandparent lives in a very large house.

Most of the devices on the market are not equipped for long range use. Once the senior citizen leaves the house and gets about half a block away the device will no longer function. This isn’t usually a concern as long as they’re carrying a cell phone. If they’re suffering from dementia than you want to have a different type of device to track them in case they wander away from the house. See our report on wandering devices to protect seniors with cognitive disabilities.

Our top recommendation for a reliable medical alert system is LifeStation. ElderKind is proud to be affiliated with this outstanding company which has a long record of providing outstanding service to senior citizens.

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