Nursing Homes Neglecting People For Profits?

A $667 million dollar verdict finds a nursing home failing to provide patients with adequate care. The suit alleged that inadequate staffing caused harm to the residents of 22 Skilled Heathcare owned nursing homes in California.

Evidence of short-staffed departments and patients receiving suboptimal care was enough to convince the jury to award the plaintiff.

How To Prevent Nursing Home Neglect?

First, compare nursing homes before placing a loved one there. There are thousands of great nursing homes all over the country – there’s no need to choose the first one you see.  Check out how safe the nursing home is, see how well it has done on recent inspections and get quality references.

When in doubt, ask a nurse! Nurses will tell you which local adult care facilities offer quality care and which ones don’t.

Don’t let appearances deceive you. Nice shrubs and new paint don’t always mean the patients are receiving quality care. Quality care means your loved ones will be able to live their lives to their fullest potential – not just that they’ll be fed and cleaned.

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