Postgraduate courses for Senior Citizens great way to diversify your life!

It is never too late to learn something new and gain new skills. There are many reasons to seek education when you’re already retired. Some people want to keep training their minds, thus keeping their brains sharp, others simply enjoy learning and have enough free time for it. Some senior citizens with jobs simply want to expand their career options. There are a lot of postgraduate courses available for senior citizens, yet not that many people are aware of them. Learning something new is always a great way to diversify your life!

Where to begin?

As a senior student you would need to get a laptop or a computer, a stable internet connection and some dedication. First of all, you would need to learn how to use your laptop and how to find information online. Taking a computer course is a first step that would make your life easier. You will learn how to use Microsoft Office programs, call your family through Skype, use Google Chrome and much more.

Do your homework

A lot of universities offer free postgraduate education for senior citizens over 60 years old. You just need to research your options and apply for one of the programs. For example, in Virginia, USA you would be allowed to audit courses for free, if your personal income exceeding $15,000. Any senior citizen is allowed to take a noncredit course free of charge on a space-available basis.

If you don’t want to attend random courses, but would like to get a proper postgraduate degree then you should look for scholarships. Check different governmental grants for senior citizens’ education.

Some universities have specially designed postgraduate courses for seniors. These courses don’t include basic tests that you have already passed during your undergraduate years. Some schools offer evening classes for people who work during the day.

Online education

Online courses have revolutionized the field of education. You might consider taking some courses for free at any university you like. This way you will be able to find a perfect program that suits your needs. You don’t need to attend lectures and seminars; you can do your assignments in a nice café or your living room anytime you want. In case you cannot leave your house for medical or other reasons online education could become a solution for you.

Online universities have detailed enrollment rules and instructions. You can also access your schedule, discussion boards and assignments online.

Postgraduate education would offer various career benefits and financial rewards for employed seniors. Some people look forward to their retirement years as they would have enough time to enjoy their lives, study, or travel. Without a constant need to work and provide for their families, seniors could finally appreciate their intellectual and social freedom. Grandparents that still enjoy learning new things would inspire their grandchildren to pursue a postgraduate degree. After all, if they made it, the younger people could make it as well! Education for seniors would keep training their memory and would force their minds to work.


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Guest post by contributing author Linda Michelle, a freelance writer and full time caretaker. When not blogging she likes to travel and read a lot especially about education and health.

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