Retirement Communities California Luxury

For retirement communities California, there is a lot to choose from in the state and it can seem overwhelming.  The beautiful landscapes of the state along with the many attractions such as wine country, ocean vistas and a mild climate are a big drawing force for many people.  Retirement communities are a great option because they provide all the necessities along with a community of people with similar interests; it’s like being on vacation every day.

Many people feel that a retirement community is preferable to a retirement home for one simple reason; your parents were good to you, now it’s time to be good to them.  There is a big difference between retirement communities California facilities and a retirement home.  A home typically provides your parent(s) or loved one with a room, common spaces and medical attention, the layout has a dormitory feeling to it.  A retirement community would be more like having a villa or posh apartment in an exclusive community where you have the freedom to attend activities and plan for guests.

While some retirement communities provide individual, self-contained living units like a villa, others still stick to the apartment style living.  The apartment style housing is perhaps the most convenient and easy to maintain home.  Although the concept of a villa might seem appealing initially, the fact remains that it would mean more maintenance, more to clean and possibly even stairs to contend with.  The apartment set-up provides elevators for quick accessible living, patios or balconies that are conducive to planter-gardening and private meals as well as a manageable living-space.  The retirement communities California seniors who choose the apartment style housing will also benefit from having amenities like private dining rooms for family gatherings and access to a full kitchen so they can indulge in their culinary passions. You don’t have to give up the freedom and leisure activities you love just because you aren’t located in a self-contained dwelling.

That’s not to say that the apartments are not self-contained either; they are fully equipped with kitchenettes, washrooms, living rooms and bedrooms.  Depending on the layout of apartment you choose your space can be larger or smaller according to your individual needs.  Perhaps you’re thinking that this does sound a lot like a retirement home and dormitory but the major difference is the freedom you have.  Retirement homes function on a very strict schedule of activities, visitation schedules and pre-determined routines for the residents.  These retirement communities California homes provide residents with the option of attending scheduled activities if they’re interested and give the residents the freedom to arrange activities with guests at their own leisure.  They also offer beautifully manicured grounds for the residents to take advantage of, beauty salons, room service and twenty-four hour snack and beverage bars.

Essentially retirement communities California seniors are getting the best of being at home and on vacation at the same time.  The privacy of their own suite with cable and internet access, the convenience of a friendly and eclectic selection of neighbors on top of having the tedious chores of daily life taken care of for you! Basic housekeeping and laundry services are all provided and if necessary dry-cleaning with delivery!  It almost sounds too good to be true but these retirement communities are out there and waiting to be discovered.

If you still love the freedom of driving you will have a private and in some cases underground parking stall but if you don’t drive anymore the chauffeured limousine service will be only too pleased to take you on your errand run.  If you previously relied on your family members to take you shopping when you lived at home, you don’t have to anymore.  Retirement communities California facilities are a place that allows you to operate on your own schedule and terms; if you can’t sleep you can call room service for a cup of tea or head to the lounge and mingle with the other night owls or take a dip in the Jacuzzi after a stint at the gym there are no limitations.

What other community gives you a library, book clubs, yoga classes, concerts and music lessons all at your finger tips – as well as the leisure to simply spend the day at the beach if you choose?  It’s simply unheard of but retirement communities California homes give you all this and more. You’ve spent your whole life looking after other people; working and making sure the days run smoothly but now it’s your turn to be catered to and have the tedium of life looked after by someone else so that you can enjoy the finer things in life.

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