Senior Care Services Every Senior Deserves

Each person deserves attention and care. As we grow older, we find the people around us being busy with their own lives. But life should not stop even when there is no one to look after you. In fact, people can grow old gracefully even they are away from home and their family. That’s big thanks to care homes offering senior care services.

When choosing care homes for your parents or relatives, it is important to know the services being offered. While the most common things being considered are 24 hour care, room, meals, activities and personal care; there might still be some needs that should be addressed. So the best way to deal with it is find a home care that offer as many services as they can at an affordable rate that guarantee care and satisfaction.

Here are the home care services that your beloved senior shouldn’t miss:

Hygiene Assistance

Older people can still practice good hygiene but sometimes they need assistance. A home care should have hygiene assistance that will help seniors in bathing or showering, grooming, shaving with electric razor, oral hygiene and toilet and incontinent care.

Depending on the limitations or current situation, a bed bath may also be necessary. Seniors must stay clean and healthy so washing everyday is very important. But with the use of warm water and hot towel, they can still remain clean and comfortable. A wet towel bath can also make them more refreshing.

Diet Monitoring

There are usually weight control and fitness advice available for seniors. Aside from preparing their meals, it is also important to monitor their diet especially if they have medical cases. There are even seniors that need to be closely monitored if they have cardiovascular issues. Some really needs cholesterol control and a balanced diet.

Meal planning can also cover a broad scope. It varies from different care homes but you have to look for one which at least has a registered dietician. Other basic services included in meal planning and diet monitoring are meal planning assistance, recommendation from dietician, grocery shopping and meal preparation, monitoring nutrition, serving food to client, and cleaning up after meals. Sometimes, there might also be a need to feed the senior. While assistance with eating is only done as directed, some care homes have companions who genuinely care and offer immediate assistance even without a word from the senior if they sense the need for it. If the senior is taking medication, medication can also be part of the routine.

Light Housekeeping

When seniors can no longer work for themselves to clean the house, there are home care companions who can do it for them. Basically, it’s like setting everything in order and proper places. To keep the room clean and tidy, other assistance may be offered for the following duties: dusting, vacuuming, moping, doing the dishes, watering plants, taking out the garbage, picking up the mail, making beds, and washing, folding and putting away the laundry.

Errands and Shopping

Aside from the usual services, errand services can also be part of the senior care plan you have taken advantage of. These include grocery delivery service, dry cleaning, pharmacy, home purchases, personal shopping, buying gifts and others.

There are senior home care providers that will be happy to provide personal shopping assistance to the elderly. They also offer a walker or wheelchair if necessary and enough room for your groceries.

Driving Option

This is a good mobility option for seniors. However, this is sometimes included in the errands and shopping services. In some home cares, this one is an independent feature especially if the senior simply wants to drive around or tour the city.

Joyful Companionship

It is important for a senior home care to have companion services catered for every senior. As people age, they still want to have someone to talk to. Having a friendly and joyful companion can help the elderly age gracefully and embrace life. This can greatly enhance the quality of life they are currently living. For senior care homes, there must be allotted hours for a joyful companionship.

The type of senior care facility that you will choose can also depends on the condition of the senior. Aside from your personal preference, you have to consider the overall health of the senior, his or her needs and sometimes, personal request. There are also other options that you may want to consider such as senior independent living apartments, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. Find the best home care that offer quality services so that the seniors will get what they really deserve as they age.

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