Senior Medical Sensors Help Keep the Elderly Safe, and at Home

“Without the sensors”, Ms. Branch said, I would probably be dead.

This New York Times article highlights several new technologies designed to help senior citizens living independently.  Many medical monitoring devices cost less than $100 a month (most are under $50), When compared to the cost of a nursing home at $6,000 a month, these devices make lots of sense.

But senior medical alert devices offer more than just cost-savings. They help the elderly live independently.  Nursing homes have made great strides in providing senior citizens with high quality care and quality of life.  The trouble is, most senior citizens will want to go to nursing home or assisted living facility.  They want to stay in their home.

Safe, Independent Living

Trying to talk your elderly parents into leaving the home that they’ve lived in for decades for a strange place associated with old ancient decrepitude is a tough sale.  Even getting them to move into another family member’s home is difficult.  But the truth is most elderly people don’t need nursing homes as early as you’d think.

Wireless sensors, motion detectors and panic button devices that connect your elderly loved ones with a central monitoring system can be the key to safe independent living. Today’s medical monitoring systems can keep tabs on blood pressure, temperature and even movement patterns within the home.

There are essentially two types of alert systems for senior citizens.   The senior alert type of is typically some sort of panic button and two way communication device.  A medical monitoring system includes these features plus it also monitors vital functions.  Both senior alert systems and medical alert systems typically offer some sort of fall detection.  The protection is important because if a patient passes out or slips and is knocked unconscious he or she will not be able to activate the alert service.

Not all fall detection systems are the same.  Some of the cheaper systems require the device to be jolted severely in order to trigger the fall detection alert. No refined systems measure other motion metrics and can more easily detect if somebody is incapacitated.

We highly recommend the senior alert system from HealthStation: You Get Help 24/7 with a push of a medical alert button for seniors living home alone.

Sensors Help Keep the Elderly Safe, and at Home –

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