Seniors Guide to HealthCare Kiosks

Almost everyone has seen the little chairs at the pharmacy which hold blood pressure cuffs. Seldom are they used. Perhaps it is because one’s blood pressure goes up thinking about the number of people who have access to one’s private health care information. Perhaps it is because one has to take along a notebook to keep track of readings. Perhaps it is just uncomfortable to sit and feel the machine put pressure on one’s upper arm.
While not much can be done about the last complaint, improvements are coming regarding the first two. Health care kiosks are replacing blood pressure chairs in many pharmacies and retirement facilities. These kiosks allow for seniors, especially those with mobility and transportation issues, to conduct medical appointments in the privacy of a small, self-contained oval shaped room. These kiosks are well lit and well equipped with almost every tool one needs to communicate information to one’s doctor.

If one needs to make an appointment for a face to face consultation, a senior can slip in, close the door and contact their doctor’s receptionist. For those seniors keeping track of blood sugar or blood pressure readings, they can sit down and test in the privacy of the kiosk and transmit that information directly to their charts. No more searching for paper or reading glasses to keep readings.

Perhaps the best innovation is called telemedicine. This new form of doctor-patient interaction is accomplished through the use of telephones and video cameras. A senior sitting in one of these kiosks can call his or her doctor. The medical office is notified a video call is coming in and the doctor can step in front of a camera to answer it. The patient can see the doctor and a similar camera in the kiosk allows the doctor to see the patient. No longer do seniors have to arrange for a ride then wait long hours in a waiting room or examining room to have their questions answered. Doctors have the opportunity to resolve some issues quickly and save their examining rooms for more complicated medical problems.

While no one can make medical tests comfortable, they can make the doctors visit easier. Time and gas money can be saved by taking advantage of these new heath care kiosks. Doctors can feel they have met patient needs without delay and records can be updated regularly, allowing for better care. Seniors can take care of medical needs without losing vast hours of their day to traveling and waiting. They can feel they have individual attention while never giving up their privacy.

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