Why Socializing Helps Keep the Mind Sharp in Old Age

Advances in medical science are allowing people to live much longer than our ancestors. With this increased longevity people experience a decline in their physical function and perhaps even more devastatingly, loss of cognitive functions. Memory loss is becoming more common among the elderly. Naturally this is upsetting to both them and their loved ones. […]

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How to Help The Elderly Adjust to Assisted Living

Convincing an elderly person to give up independence and move into elderly care can be a difficult task. Many older people simply do not want to face the fact that they can no longer take care of themselves and feel that by moving into care, they will be giving up their independence.  Families are often […]

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15 Elder Care Tips for Beginners

Caring for the elderly isn’t an easy task. This is especially true if you are suddenly faced with the challenge and have had no previous experience with it.  Whether an unexpected event has landed you taking care of an elderly person in your life or you are beginning a new career in taking care of […]

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Higher Risk For Elderly Head Injuries

Did you know that a senior citizen not only has a higher risk of suffering a head injury and is more likely to have a more severe injury? Unfortunately, accidents happen and can have serious consequences with head injuries being one of them. The most common causes of head injuries in the elderly are falls, […]

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Five Questions to Ask Before Moving an Elderly Parent

Does your elderly parent have dementia? Here are five questions to ponder if you’re considering having mom or dad move in with the family. As a youngster growing up in a military family, moving was commonplace in fact, we moved six times before I was 12 years old. It’s not so familiar for my family, […]

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