15 Elder Care Tips for Beginners

Caring for the elderly isn’t an easy task. This is especially true if you are suddenly faced with the challenge and have had no previous experience with it.  Whether an unexpected event has landed you taking care of an elderly person in your life or you are beginning a new career in taking care of the elderly, knowing how to care for them properly is important.  Listed below are 20 elder care tips for beginners than can help you become familiar with taking care of the elderly.

  • Realize their limitations. The first and most important thing that you must realize when caring for the elderly is that there will be limitations.  The older the person gets, the less he or she will be able to do.  Don’t expect and elderly person to be able to do as much as you expect.
  • Don’t treat them like kids. This is a problem that many elderly face and to be honest, they don’t like it at all. Treat elderly like they are adults. While they may need help in certain tasks, they have lived life as an adult and should be treated accordingly.
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Don’t lose respect for an elderly person simply because you have to care for them.  It is important that you respect elders just as much if not more than you respect your peers.
  • Guide them in decision making but don’t make the decision for them.  If their mind is still functioning properly, it is important to let them continue making decisions. If you make all of the decisions for them, they can quickly lose their sense of independence and become depressed.
  • Become familiar with their illnesses and how to properly care for them. You may have to attend doctor appointments so that you can be fully aware of the medical problems that the elderly you are taking care of face.  Doctors can actually guide you in how to take care of them.  Take advantage of this.
  • Make a daily schedule.  If you are assuming full responsibility it is important to have a daily schedule to help remind you of important things such as giving medication. A schedule will make the day go smoother for everyone.
  • Hire extra help if needed. Realize that you can’t do it alone. Sometimes, you need extra help or just simply need a break.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help from other family members or hire extra help if needed.
  • Make sure all medications are out of reach unless the elderly person is mentally okay. This is important.  Elderly sometimes forget that they have taken their medication and proceed to take it again.
  • Make sure the home is elderly friendly. Make changes to your home that will help the elderly feel safe and welcome.
  • Understand the emotional ups and downs that the elderly go through.  Giving up at least some of your independence isn’t easy. It can be a tough transition for older people.  Try to understand this.
  • Get the right equipment. Wheel chairs, special beds, and other equipment can make caring for them easier. Be sure that you have what you need to take the best possible care of them.
  • Keep the elderly person as active as possible. The more active he or she is, the better the quality of life.  Focus on keeping the elderly active.
  • Help them manage their finances.  Paying bills is still a part of life, even when you are older.  You may have to assist in this aspect of their life.
  • A healthy diet is important. Ensure that the elderly person in your life is eating a healthy diet. Good nutrition is the key to a healthy life.
  • Don’t expect to be thanked. Realize that many elderly people won’t be glad that you are there to help.  Some will be downright resentful.  If you expect them to thank you every time you turn around, you may be sorely disappointed. Do the job knowing that deep down, they are grateful.

Listed above are 15 elder care tips that can be helpful for you if you are setting out on a journey to care for elderly people.  Caring for elderly people is no easy task.  Be sure to find time for yourself that you can regroup and gather your thoughts.
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