What Caregivers Can Give their Families this Christmas

If you think about it, caregivers are the best when it comes to giving. Every single day, they give their all and offer patients the gifts of time, concern, compassion and care – which are sometimes more than one could ask for.

If you, dear caregiver, are thinking of what gifts to give your family this Christmas, you don’t have to look far. More often than not, gifts that touch the heart and soul have a bigger impact compared to material gifts. In other words, the gifts you give your patients can also be the perfect gifts for your loved ones!


Most days of the year, you can’t be seen at home. You may be busy working, out with your friends, or too tired to spend time with your beloved family. When was the last time you went home and spent quality time with your parents? with your siblings? Sometimes, we spend too much time with other people that we forget what it feels like being with our family. This Christmas, make time to be with your loved ones.


For many times, we have been with our patients, helping them face certain challenges. We make them see the good in the bad, and give them hope and courage to soldier on. But have we been courageous for our families? Have we showed them that we are brave enough to take care of ourselves, courageous to accept responsibilities?


Now’s the time to offer acts of service to your family too! Lend a hand in holiday shopping, cooking Christmas dinners, and other household chores. If someone in the family needs your caregiving skills, by all means, volunteer! Helping other people fills the soul in ways that nothing else can. You can also be a role model to your younger members of the family.


Being a caregiver, you are accustomed to creating activities for your patient. This Christmas, instead of doing it for your patient, do it for your family. Creativity can be expressed in so many ways. You can either cook, build things, tell stories, make artwork, sing songs, write, tale pictures – the possibilities are endless! Doing projects together can even bring the family closer.


Everyone wants to feel loved and accepted. When was the last time you sat down with your parents and listened to what they had to say? A profound gift you can give your parents is to listen to with your heart and accept them rather than judge. Show your concern by understanding them and keeping an open mind.


Fun, playfulness, laughter – it’s contagious. Bring in an air of playfulness to your home this Christmas and you’ll help others lighten up. Children love it when their older family members are playful and joyful. You might be surprised how wonderful you will feel.

And most of all, show and tell them how much you love them—that’s definitely one of the greatest gifts of all. Happy holidays everyone!

About the author: Melissa Page is a blogger and social media contributor who works for Staff Care and ICan Benefit Group. When she’s not writing, she plays bowling with friends.

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