What to Pack? Moving Your Parents to an Elder Care Home.

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Preparing your elderly parents for an upcoming move to an elderly home facility is a stressful process. You can make the move easier on your parents by helping them to pack their most important and beloved items, in addition to the necessities they will need for daily living. Collecting favorite treasures to bring will help your parents transition comfortably into their new living arrangement.

Favorite Pictures

Packing and bringing treasured pictures will help your parents feel more at home in their new living space. These pictures will bring back happy memories and remind your parents of the people they love. Frame favorite pictures for quick display once your parents arrive at the facility. Other pictures can go into photo albums for browsing at any time. You may also want to consider digitally scanning these pictures so your parents won’t have to store bulky albums in a small living space.

Precious Mementos

Your parents probably have a variety of precious mementos that evoke pleasant memories. These might include trophies, vacation souvenirs, handmade art and other miscellaneous items. Mementos also make a care facility feel more like a home. If your parents have a variety of prized possessions that cannot fit in the facility’s living space, store them at your home or rent a storage space. Your parents may also have a variety of papers that hold no obvious value but mean the world to them. If possible, go through some of these possessions ahead of time to consolidate and reduce unwanted items.

Clothes and Personal Care Items

Moving your parents to an elderly home presents a good opportunity to go through your parent’s clothes with them. Donate any unwanted items and purchase new clothes if needed. You can help your parents create a collection of personal care items, including their favorite soaps, deodorants, shampoo and more. Pack other miscellaneous items, including alarm clocks and wall decorations. Each item from home will help your parents feel comfortable in the care facility.

What to Donate?

Depending on the circumstances and health of your elderly parents, you may wish to donate some of their possessions. If your parent’s room in their new care facility does not require any additional furniture, ask your relatives if anyone else in the family could use your parent’s old furniture. You can rent a storage facility for the furniture if it is not needed immediately. If no one wants the furniture, consider donating it to a charity organization.

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