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Do Nursing Homes Accept Medicare?

If you or a loved one are considering a nursing home as a care option, you may be wondering if Medicare will cover the cost. The answer is yes, Medicare does cover skilled nursing care in a nursing home, but there are certain eligibility requirements and limitations to keep in mind. Eligibility for Medicare Coverage […]

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Is There Free Nursing Home Care?

Nursing Homes are expensive. How expensive? According to AARP, Brace yourself. Most people already know nursing home care can be expensive. Although the average cost is more than $50,000 a year and climbing, it can vary widely depending on where you live. Employee health insurance does not pay for nursing home care. About a third […]

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Senior Thought – America’s Rising Medical Expenses Threaten Senior Citizens

If you’re a working individual like me and you are still having a problem budgeting your money on medical expenses, then you have got to understand what it feels to be old and in need of medical attention. Perhaps it’s time to be alarmed, as a growing number of Americans are not getting the right […]

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Life Insurance for Seniors

There are many aspects to take into consideration when deciding to purchase life insurance as a senior. If you are making this decision already in your senior years, you likely are trying to ensure that the financial consequences of your passing do not negatively affect your surviving family members. Consider the reasons why you need […]

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Seniors And Insurance

Today there is an insurance policy for almost everything. The problem is you don’t need almost everything. You just need a small part of the insurance policies out there today. After spending a life working and earning seniors deserve the security that some insurance policies offer. But there are others that they absolutely must avoid. […]

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