Four Tips for Finding the Perfect Home to Spend Retirement

You know you’re about ready to buy your retirement home but are probably wondering where to start. There’s plenty to consider like what kind of home or neighborhood you want and what features you can’t possibly live without. To answer these questions you will need to identify neighborhood characteristics that fit your personality, understand how your plans going forward should play into your choice of home, and create a dream list that describes and organizes your priorities.Four Tips for Finding the Perfect Home to Spend Retirement

Not everyone wants the same features in a neighborhood or home, and you’re the one who’s living there. Before allowing other people to tell you what’s best, consider your preferences and priorities regarding:

Character and Community

For some, well-planned developments will be pleasing because of their uniformity; others enjoy the variety of older, one-of-a-kind homes. You also may be someone who prefers to live in an established retirement community to take advantage of their tailored amenities. You must also consider the demographics of the area. Do you wish to live in an area with mostly other retired people, or around a bunch of families?


While most everyone prefers less crime, safety often comes with a trade-off. For example, a rural neighborhood might be safe, but a city’s resources and entertainment will be very far away.

Resources and Accessibility

Think about what you plan on doing during retirement and your favorite activities and places to visit. Do you plan on doing a lot of traveling or will you be spending most of your time at home? Do you want to live near family and close friends, or do you want to get as far away as possible? What about grocery stores, primary physicians, and major highways? How much time are you willing to spend traveling to those places?

Zoning and Other Restrictions

If you want the freedom to remodel your home, you must be in an area that allows that. On the other hand, if you appreciate community uniformity, live somewhere that limits the changes owners can make to their homes. This is especially important for those who bought a nice summer beach house during their younger years and plan on retiring there. You must be sure of what renovations and additions the laws permit you to make

One of the best ways to figure all of this out is to do some vacationing. This will give you a good sense of the neighborhood and type of home you’ll desire for retirement. Take notes while you’re vacationing about things you like, dislike, and wouldn’t be able to live without during retirement. But wherever your heart leads you, the experts such as those at Partners Trust can help you get there by finding you the best bargain.

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