Nursing Homes: A Place to Live

Nursing homes and senior care facilities continue to progress from being a place to go to die to a place where the elderly can live better lives. Quality of life in institutions for the aging will only continue to improve if we increase efforts.

It starts with family. The sad fact is that residents at nursing homes who are not regularly visited by friends and family get a lower quality of care.  The resident who has a strong advocate who acts as a watchdog and guardian will do better.

The employees of nursing homes are some of my favorite people. It takes an amazing level of compassion and energy to give great care to a large number of elderly people. While most senior care workers want to help they are often not given time to help everyone. The residents who have family watchdogs are the first priority and unfortunately the others take a backseat.

The lesson here is to visit your elderly loved ones often and let the staff know when you see something that seems deficient. Follow up in a friendly way. Help the staff get to know your parent or grandparent as a person and not just a patient or resident. Help them want to help your loved one.

Out of sight, out of mind.  It may seem silly but something as trivial as sending over a box of donuts or a bouquet of flowers will help make your loved one “top of mind.”

ElderKind Tip

The squeaky wheel gets the oil, but the loudest fly gets slapped first. Be vocal, be persistent but don’t be annoying. The staff works long hard hours and for less money than a lot of other workers. Treat them with love and respect and your loved one will get more in return.

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