Senior Health 101: Gout Can Lessen Sex Drive

If there’s one thing that a lot of old folks complain about, it has to be gout. Gout is now considered one of the most common diseases that elderly people have. But as a caution, just because you are still young doesn’t mean that you are immune from having gout. In fact, the number of middle-aged people who are suffering from gout have increased over time. This is probably because of our unhealthy lifestyle, like eating greasy and fatty foods, not getting enough exercise and obesity. If you’re one of those people suffering from gout, whether you’re young or old, then you have to know that the secret to defeating gout has something to do with controlling uric acid.

What is uric acid? It’s a type of compound that, when found in high numbers, causes two major health problems; diabetes and gout. People who have a high amount of uric acid found in their bodies immediately have swollen joints and ankles, which is one of the primary symptoms of gout. But did you know that having a high amount of uric acid also decreases sexual libido? Research states that the effects of having hyperuricemia or high blood uric acid level, is just one of the many symptoms the disease presents. As time goes by, having too much uric acid causes erectile or sexual dysfunctions.

Is this one of the causes why most men who are overweight and have a history of hypertension and gout fail to satisfy their partners during the bedroom activity? There’s a high probability for a “YES” answer! Apparently, the high concentration of uric acid within the blood robs away the electro-static charges that is usually present in red blood cells. Without it, red blood cells start stacking together and this greatly reduces its ability to carry oxygen and other nutrients.

So what if the red blood cells don’t have enough oxygen? Well, I don’t think I have to tell you that a man’s erection is pretty much dependent on how healthy his red blood cells are. You see, there’s a sponge like structure on your body that controls the erection of the male sex organ. It’s called the corpora cavernosum. This spongy structure looks for the nitric oxide within the blood, since this nutrient is responsible for dilating the arteries located within the penis. Now, if this nitric oxide isn’t present in the blood being pumped, then erection is impossible.

This is the reason why some elderly gout patients have a hard time during blood tests. When a nurse starts drawing blood from his/her body, blood flow is difficult to achieve because it’s too thick. I’ve seen many patients having problems like these and it even gets more difficult caring for patients who have gout as well,

This is just one of the many reasons why people who are overweight or are suffering from hypertension should avoid eating too much fatty and greasy foods. Uric acid comes from grease and lard, so for those middle-aged and senior men who want to bring back their sexual drive, start exercising and eating healthy foods instead! Weight lose helps a lot, especially to people who want to get rid of their gout problems. Visit your doctor and always follow the right prescription that he/she gives. While taking anti-gout medicine helps, having a healthy lifestyle is more effective and cheaper, if you think about it!

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Jessica Greenberg is an avid blogger and caretaker from San Diego, California. She’s also a content contributor for Ivera Med. She loves writing tips on how to take care of elderly patients.

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