Assisted Living Facility Vs. Nursing Home? Which Should You Choose?

When choosing between an assisted living facility and a nursing home, consult your senior to make sure that they understand the differences. Don’t try to unilaterally or preemptively make the decision for them. Unless a senior is senile, he or she should have a voice in selecting.

Assisted Living Facilities Versus Nursing Homes: What Is The Difference?

Most people think the two terms are synonymous, but they’re not. An assisted living facility gives the senior his or her own apartment, bathroom, and kitchen. This is more akin to real living, except that the person receives assistance for various activities and chores. There might be:
  • Light housekeeping
  • Prepared meals
  • The security of a dedicated support staff in the event of an emergency

Because the patrons are more like normal people in terms of their lifestyles, it is nicer and easier to make friends with the other residents. Assisted living is more for people who are not in dire need of health services: those who can live on their own but need a little help. These assisted living facilities allow the person to remain as independent as possible but still get a level of care that would be unavailable or unaffordable at a home. The senior gets the help he/she needs without giving up freedom.

Nursing homes are different because they provide a custodial care paired with a high level of medical care. They offer help with bathing, feeding, and dressing and also with medication. They are a senior’s best friend if the person is frail and old and cannot live at an assisted living facility. Offering the highest level of quality care outside of a hospital, they are more geared toward medical care and health issues for the sick and elderly.

What Kinds Of Services Do An Assisted Living Facility Provide?

  • Three communal meals a day
  • Help with eating, bathing, and dressing,
  • Home maintenance, transportation, security, emergency call system
  • Exercise programs and medication help.

Who Is Eligible To Move Into An Assisted Living Facility?

For some people, managing a house is too burdensome. For them, it is better to move into an assisted living facility. However, as patients develop Alzheimer’s or other senility or dementia, they may find it troublesome to live in an assisted living facility. State regulators and lawmakers have to decide who is able to live in an assisted facility versus a nursing home, and sometimes, medical needs might exceed the capacity of what an assisted living facility is able to provide.
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