Nursing Homes

Do Nursing Homes Accept Medicare?

One frequent question we get is, “Do nursing homes accept medicare?” Medicare¬†will not usually pay for long-term room and board at nursing homes. A nursing home that provides medical services may accept payment for those particular items, but not for residential fees. If it is medically required for you to get “skilled nursing care” (for […]

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Transitioning a Loved One into a Nursing Home: Before, During, and After

The life changing process of moving into a new home can be difficult for anyone at any age, especially for someone 50 years set in their ways and even more so if that person has been living in the same home for decades. Many of us get attached to our belongings after a few years, […]

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Top 5 Resources for Advice on Aging Parents

Eventually, the decision to care for an elderly parent or guardian is one many find themselves making. However, this is not one that anyone should jump into. Shepherding older family members through their autumn years can be a stressful yet noble undertaking. Depending on their needs, personalized care develops from a multitude of issues: Suffering […]

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Discussing Senior Care with your Siblings

My siblings and I used to be really close but we settled in locations that were a hundred miles away from each other. When our dear mother got ill, we all came together to provide support and to prove to her that we will/can stick together throughout the tough times. I give the credit to […]

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Moving a Loved One to a Senior Care Home

Anytime you prepare to move from one location to another, there is normally a degree of stress associated with the transition. It is commonly known that aside from divorce and death, moving house is one of the most stressful events you undertake in life. There are several things you can do to reduce any tension […]

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