Moving a Loved One to a Senior Care Home

Anytime you prepare to move from one location to another, there is normally a degree of stress associated with the transition. It is commonly known that aside from divorce and death, moving house is one of the most stressful events you undertake in life. There are several things you can do to reduce any tension that may be related to an upcoming move from a home care arrangement to a care home. It all comes down to careful planning.

Do a preliminary visit to the care home to get a better sense of what the facility has to offer, meet with other residents and get an overall sense of what life will be like at your new home. It can help to alleviate any feelings of apprehension.

Prepare a checklist of things you will need to do prior to the move as well as what will be moved and what items will need to be stored, sold or offered to charity. If you are helping an elderly relative move, sit down with him or her and go over the list. Whenever possible, include the person that is moving into any preparation plans. This helps to produce of empowerment and control over the situation.

Give ample notice when moving out of an apartment or house. If you have been renting, a thirty-day notice is generally required by a landlord. Other things, such as terminating electrical power services, phone, water, cable and other related services should be done normally a month before you want these services to be discontinued.

Determine how much space you will have for personal items at you new home. It is likely you will have to significantly downsize in terms of the how many items you can bring with you to a care home. Also, contact the personal at the facility to determine if there are any items that will not be permitted.

If you intend to bring your pet with you to your new home, verify the care home allows pets. It can be absolutely heart breaking to part with your pet so careful research will go a long way. You don’t have to give up those morning and evening walks with you pooch if you don’t want to. Remember… The choice is yours.

You may need to rent storage space or store personal items at a relative’s home. Again, make sure to choose a storage space that will ensure that your valuables are safe. Beyond looking at the types of security offered by a storage facility, determine if the facility’s store space is airtight and that the facility takes measures to ensure that rodents and insects will not damage your belongings.

Moving to a care facility does not have to be a traumatic experience as long as you approach it in the right way. By planning carefully, you can make the shift to your new home with as little disruption as possible. Keep in mind that throughout this journey the choice is always yours. You choose where you live. You choose why you want to be there. You choose what you want.

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