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Senior Thought – America’s Rising Medical Expenses Threaten Senior Citizens

If you’re a working individual like me and you are still having a problem budgeting your money on medical expenses, then you have got to understand what it feels to be old and in need of medical attention. Perhaps it’s time to be alarmed, as a growing number of Americans are not getting the right […]

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How you can obtain low-cost senior life insurance coverage

Life insurance needs for seniors take on different priorities. In earlier years when raising a family you had to provide for your partner, your children and their education. Now, with your children grown and on their own, you tend to settle down and protect your partner, property and other assets. To begin with ask yourself […]

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Role Models for the Elderly

This year the BBC broadcasts Attenborough: 60 years in the Wild, celebrating Britain’s favourite elderly role model.  Sir David Attenborough brought natural history into the homes of nature lovers across the UK as well as running the administration of the entire British Broadcasting Corporation.  At a time when many people are thinking of slowing down, […]

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How seniors can earn money from their passion

Many of us dread the thought of turning 60 because we feel that at this time, we would no longer be as financially productive as we used to be. But the truth is that this stage could be the happiest and most fulfilling time of our life. Our passion can be a great resource for […]

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The Importance of Diet and Exercise to Senior Care

Many primary care providers make the mistake of dismissing their charges as incapable of being challenged. While many seniors who reach the point of needing primary also experience reduced muscle strength, their capacity to bounce back from non-ambulatory states should always be kept as a possibility. Individuals who engage in active senior care should always […]

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