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Assisted Living Law in Georgia

A new bill passed in Georgia will help senior citizens age at assisted living facilities instead of being forced into nursing homes. The bill was promoted by elder care advocates for sixteen years. Read more here.

Higher Mortality in Seniors with Lower Levels of A1C

Lower levels of Hemoglobin A1C levels linked to a higher mortality rate in seniors. The ideal level is between six percent and eight percent, with patients with levels lower than 6% having higher mortality. More here.

State May Revoke License – Elder Abuse

A nursing home in Pennsylvania may lose its license after a hidden camera recorded what appears to be elder abuse. Suspicious family members installed a hidden camera in the victim’s room. These devices are available online.  The device alledgely shows employees hitting and humiltting an Alzheimer’s victim.  Elder Abuse article.

And My Grandma Grew Petunias

A 65 year old grandmother was arrested for possession of over 800 pot plants.  I bet her grandkids loved to visit! Pot Growing Granny

Medicare Reform to Rip Off Future Senior Citizens

Make no mistake folks, Medicare is being dismantled. Of course they can’t take it away quickly, that would get them voted out of office. Medicare Rip Off

A Prom for Senior Citizens?

Sounds like the old timers will be cutting the rug in Philadelphia at a senior prom for senior citizens.

Grandma Charged With Selling Pills

Seems the cops don’t like it when you sell drugs. Even if you’re in your 70’s and they’re prescription drugs. Pill Pushing

Senior Citizens Warned of Scams

A sad story of an elderly woman who was sold $10,000 in windows for $50,000. She took an equity loan to finance the scam and ended up losing her home in foreclosure. Read about senior scams here.

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