Affordable Electric Medical Mobility Scooter Carts

Cosco Blue 4 Wheel Electric Medical Mobility Scooter Cart

Shopping for a reliable electric medical mobility scooter cart that’s reliable and affordable? A four wheel  scooter tends to have more stability but you give up some navigability.   You may find that some older folks are so scared of breaking a bone that they won’t get on the scooter that doesn’t feel very stable. That’s why he for real scooter makes sense.  The rider won’t feel like they’re about to fall off.

Many older folks who need to use a mobility scooter like to be able to get in and out of tight areas without too much effort.  This well-designed card is suitable for an elderly person or other individual with some ability restrictions.

Cosco Blue 4 Wheel Electric Medical Mobility Scooter Cart

The scooter can break down into five pieces for easy assembly and disassembly when you travel.  It sports a swivel seat so that the user can turn around easily without having to move the entire Scooter. the tires are solid rubber so you never have to worry about them losing their air. Most users will find this economical mobility device perfect for their needs.

Because you can break it down easily and reassemble it quickly you’ll be able to take this scooter on vacations and anywhere you travel.  It cruises just under 4 mph which is fast enough for convenience and safety.   The turning radius on the scooter is 43 inches. you can adjust the seat height for maximum comfort.

This electric scooter has rear wheel drive which is what you want in a scooter ( but not necessarily what you want in a car in snowy weather!)  It weighs just under 100 pounds including battery, but because you can easily disassemble it you don’t have to worry about carrying a heavy scooter up and down flights of stairs.

An important thing to note is that there is no warranty on this product.   You should be able to get good use out of it, especially for a weekender who doesn’t expect to travel very far every single day. Scooter has a range of about 9 miles before needs to be charged again.

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