Medical Alerts for Senior Citizens Give Caregivers Peace of Mind

Having a safety net – like a medical alert system – can mean a world of difference to both the patient and the caregiver. To be able to leave the house for a healthy walk or to do some chores can really improve health and well being in the caregiver.

Caregivers suffer from significantly more sickness and impairment, study reveals. The latest research suggests that a person who provides care for a loved one  commonly suffer from poor health and fitness.

Family caregivers seem to be two times  prone to battling chronic health issues as compared to the general public, the research explains .

Carers Scotland, observed that 96% of family caregivers experienced  a damaging effect on their own health and wellbeing as a result of  the stress of caring for a sick family member over a long period of time.

The report  indicates that the human cost of attending to sick loved ones may have a negative impact on the health of these unpaid caregivers.

Nearly 50 % of study participants said that they experienced  a serious illness, such as diabetes, depressive disorders, and / or cancer. Over thirty percent are struggling with  joint disease, osteo-arthritis and / or weakening of bones. 1/3 experienced hypotension. Seventy percent struggled with  stress and anxiety, along with thirty-four percent who experienced  exhaustion. Nearly 50 percent said  their particular problems  began soon after they started caring for their loved one. Twenty-five percent claimed their pre-existing conditions  became worse after they began providing care.

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