Five Health Concerns of Dieting in Your Older Age

Dieting is a way of life for people of all ages. As the dieter ages, there are some additional health concerns for people who are 50 and over. Consequently, it is important for these dieters to make adjustments so that they can accommodate the change in age. Listed below are 5 health concerns of dieting in your older age.

Metabolism Slow Downs

Sometimes people begin to gain weight in different areas on their body and they may not understand why it’s happening. Even when they are eating the same amount of calories each day, the numbers on the scale is moving upward. One of the top reasons for the increase in weight gain is due to the metabolism since it begins to slow down at the age of 25. According to Precision Nutrition, the numbers vary from 5% to 10% per decade. As a result, people over that age of 50 can expect a substantial decrease in their metabolism. To prevent the additional pounds from taking over, it is important for the individual to reduce their caloric intake.

Sedentary life Style

Reducing calories is only part of the solution since a sedentary life style can also present problems. When people are young, they are normally involved in lots of outdoor activities. On the other hand, as everyone grows older, they tend to slow down and spend more time on the inside. To remain healthy, however, it is important for people 50 and over to remain as active as possible. This activity will help to keep the metabolism moving, while also allowing the person to remain agile. Therefore, for those who want to keep their heath in check, they can engage a wide diversity activity from walking in the park to playing tennis, keeping active does not have to be boring. Instead, it can be a time for lots of fun activities.


It is important for the over 50 and over dieter to watch what they eliminate from their diets since getting the proper nutrition is one of the keys to remaining healthy. Protecting bone health with an sufficient amount vitamins and nutrients can help to reduce the chances of getting Osteoporosis. Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Calcium, estrogen replacement and phosphates are the nutrients that must be incorporated in any and all diet plans.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is another concern for dieters 50 and over since age is a common factor in this disease. Even though young people can suffer from heart problems, the older group has the potential for more concerns. As a result, 50 and over dieters should eat heart healthy foods like oatmeal, nuts, grains vegetables and Ideal Shape products.


Arthritis is also a condition that can occur at any age, although it is often seen in the 50 and over group. Controlling arthritis by natural means is a choice that many people make. One of the best ways to control the symptoms is to consume foods that reduce inflammation naturally.

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