Five Ways to Make Mobility Easier in Old Age

As people age, it becomes increasingly difficult to get around. This can make completing even the smallest of tasks a hassle. Fortunately, there are some ways that senior citizens can go about making mobility easier in their old age.

1. Hire a Senior Service

In most cases, having somebody that can actually visit the elderly person and assist him or her with completing household chores or other tasks can make all the difference. By going with a Caring Senior Service, elders can enjoy the freedom of living in their own homes while still getting the care and assistance that they need to do so safely and productively.

2. Install an Elevator Lift

Homes with stairs are often very difficult for elderly people to navigate, especially for those who may rely on a walker or wheelchair. Fortunately, it is possible to have a stair lift installed on any type of stair case. These work using hydraulics to lift the senior up the stairs comfortably and safely while he or she remains seated in a chair.

3. Purchase a Reach Extender

One of the most difficult aspects of living at home and having limited mobility is often being unable to reach items that are up on shelves or otherwise not easily accessible. It can be extremely helpful to purchase an arm reach extender, which is a small tool that has “grabbers” at the end and can be pinched to pick up items that would be otherwise out of reach. These tools are inexpensive and small but can make all the difference to a senior citizen.

4. Invest in a Power Chair

Getting around even a small house with a cane, walker, or wheel chair can take a tremendous amount of effort for elderly people. For those who want to be able to get around more easily, a power chair or motor scooter can be a great way to make this happen. These run on a battery charge and require the senior to simply push a lever or a button in order to get where he or she needs to go.

5. Rely on Family

Having company helps to raise a senior citizen’s spirits and can also be a great way for them to get basic help around the house. If you are the family member or loved one of an elderly person, consider making it a point to stop by on a regular basis and assist them around the house.

Getting older unfortunately means having more trouble getting around. Fortunately, the above tips can make all the difference and can allow you to retain your independence as you age.

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