Good Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

Looking for a reliable, easy to use phone for an elderly friend of relative? Here’s the best phone for aging eyes and ears – even the most technophobic old timer can handle!

A cell phone can save lives.  Wouldn’t you like the peace of mind that comes with knowing that help is just a phone call away? Getting your elderly loved one to carry and use a mobile phone can be a challenge. Today’s choices are staggering; iPhones, Blackberry, Droid, T-Moblile, AT&T, Verizon.

Smart Phone or Dumb Phone? Rating the Best Phones for Seniors.

Now, if your parents or grandparents have great eyesight and have a passion for social media … let me know! Most senior citizens hate those tiny screens and tiny, hard to use buttons. That’s why I recommend Jitterbug.

It’s easy to use. The display is uncluttered and easy to read. The push buttons can be seen, even with weak eyesight. The reception is loud and clear. It’s so easy to use, you might just mistake it for a house phone.

Get your aging relative a phone that’s reliable, affordable and simple to use. The Jitterbug is idiot proof – in fact it is ready to use when you open the box. The service runs around the clock, so the phone is ready when you are.

The Best Phone for Older Adults

One thing I really like about the phone is the Dial “0” feature, which will connect the caller to a friendly operator who will find the number you’re looking for. (My grandma isn’t fond of search Google from the phone!)

Now, if you buy this phone as an emergency phone and don’t plan on using it for hours, go with a basic plan that starts at $14.99 a month. Other plans are available if you are going to use it more frequently (call your mother!).

Unlike a lot of cell phone plans, this one has no cancellation fees or long term contracts. You can cancel without a fee, which is great, in case that grumpy Luddite refuses to ever use it.

If you’re buying this for a loved one (and it is such a thoughtful gift for your grandparents … they’ll think of you every time they use it and show it off to friends) the good news is there is no roaming charges or long distance fees. So, it’s perfect for “snow birds,” (what we call folks who travel from the cold to the warm every year).

The last thing an older cell phone use wants to a bunch of confusing icons. They don’t want weird blinking icons – and neither do you – since they’ll call you up and complain about them!

Again, the sound on this phone is LOUD AND CLEAR. I have trouble hearing on a lot of phones and the Jitterbug is really easy to hear. Great for people with hearing problems.

Arthritis and poor vision make Blackberry’s a poor choice for the elderly. iPhones may be dumbed down, but sometimes the iPhone is too much. A cell phone specifically designed for the senior market makes more sense. The buttons are easy to see and use. That is so important.

ElderKind Summary

The Jitterbug comes with a 30 day return policy – so get one and give it a try. Both you and your aging loved one will be delighted. Finally an easy-to-use cell phone with personalized, friendly U.S. Based Operator Assistance! Get a Jitterbug J.

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