GPS for Elderly Tracking Devices for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

If you care for an elderly person who is at risk of wandering – you need a reliable  tracking device. Here’s an affordable GPS solution for finding lost seniors that can  keep your special senior safe and secure.  Today, ElderKind takes a look a simple to use device that can save lives.

– Brian

Track and Find Lost Seniors With Cognitive Disabilities

SecuraTrac’s has a mobile personal emergency response solution that weighs in at 2.5 ounce device. It’s easier to use than a cell phone which is important for people with cognitive disabilities. You can program the device to act as a panic button that an elderly person can hit when they need help.

My wife’s grandfather loved to garden but as he got older and frailer we were afraid to let him wander around the yard and walk to the hardware store. He didn’t want to be bothered getting our permission to go about his business so sometimes he’d sneak off. One time he fell and cut his head badly. If he had a LifeTrac Alert MobileProtector with him he could have called one of us for help … instead we had to deal with ambulances and the police. It really shook him up, and us too.

The neat thing about this system is it is easy to use. Just program it for your senior it can call you or other family and friends or it can call 911. It works anywhere in the US and you can even program it with SecuraFence alerts.

SecuraFence works by alerting you anytime the device wanders off a pre-determined safe area. If you elderly loved one likes to go to church and the store down the block, just set the device so that area is considered safe. When they wander outside the safe area, you will receive an alert by text or email. With Realtime Tracking you can quickly pinpoint where they are on a map that you can monitor with your cell phone or computer.

GPS for Elderly Tracking Devices for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

The other device of note from SecuraTrac is their PAL (Personal Automated Locator® Guardian). This device is less expensive because it doesn’t have the phone feature … and that can be a good thing. When you are dealing with someone with severe dementia, it’s very unlikely they’ll give you a call no matter how simple the device is to use. If you are caring for someone who is at risk of wandering off, order the PAL. You can set up areas in your neighborhood that are normal and safe for your parent to be in but if they get on the bus (and for some reason they do) and start heading out of town you’ll get a text or email alert. You can start tracking them immediately and get them home safe and sound.

Another nice thing is you don’t have to worry about the number of alerts you set off it is unlimited. So, if you take grandma across town and forget to turn off the alert, don’t worry, you won’t be charged. There are no activation fees and no roaming fees. Just put the locator device on a belt clip, wrist band or a pendant around the neck and take a deep breath of relaxation.

Let’s say your grandpa has mild Alzheimer’s and he wants to go to his favorite park to be alone … he doesn’t want you hanging over him. Rather than fight, you can drop him off and get an alert if he strays away.

I think it’s really important for elderly people to feel independent and I know how hard it is to let them be. A device from SecuraTrac can help them maintain an active, independent social life while giving you the peace of mind of know you can locate them quickly. Find out more at SecuraTrac.

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