The Coming Epidemic of Alzheimer’s Disease

An article over on Psychology Today by Gary Small details the big impact Alzheimer’s will have on our society as the baby-boomers continue to age. Medical science can keep our essential bodily functions going for years and years - unfortunately our brains are not keeping up.

Alzheimer’s Association Education Video

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Advances in medical technology have allowed people to live longer. The average American woman can expect to live to age 79, while the average man may anticipate living to 72. In addition to these gains in life expectancy, 80 million baby boomers-people born between 1946 and 1964-are entering the age of concern, and age is the greatest risk factor for developing dementia. For people age 65 years and older, the risk of getting the disease approaches 10 percent; for those 85 years or older, that risk nears 50 percent. So we’re living longer, but not necessarily better-we’re facing an epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease in the next decade.

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