Granny Cams: Elder Abuse Caught on Tape

It started when her daughter noticed the bruises, it ended in her mother’s death. What the hidden video revealed will shock you.

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See related videos below of elder care aide abuse cases – and find out which hidden camera systems we recommend to exposing and preventing elder abuse.

Are you worried about how your elderly or disabled loved one is being treated when you’re not around? You’re not alone.  Gloria Diaz was puzzled when she spotted bruises on her 87 year-old mom who lived in a North Bergen, New Jersey nursing home. Since suffering a stroke her mom was unable to move – so where were the bruises coming from?


Granny Cam

After the nursing home failed to come up with a reasonable explanation for the injuries, she contacted Department of Health and Senior Services who sent an investigator who failed to observe signs of abuse.  So, the family did the smart thing and bought a “granny cam.”

A “granny cam” (like these)  is used to keep an eye on who is taking care of your loved one. The can be hidden in stuffed animals, TV’s, radios, clock, tissue boxes, air-freshners and dozens of other clever spots. The Diaz family went online to buy a video camera hidden inside a clock radio and installed it in the patients room.

Most granny cams sold are wireless video systems that can be hidden. They silently record how the caregiver behaves when they believe no one can see them. A number of these devices can be set up to transmit over the internet so you can watch what is going on where ever you are.

There are plenty good systems for protecting your aging loved ones from elder abuse at the hands of a hired aide …protect your elderly loved ones from abuse with a hidden camera from Brickhouse Security – Shop Now!


There are rules and regulations about using hidden cameras to spy on people, even if it is for a good reason.  You should a list check what your state laws are regarding any type of hidden recording device.

We believe that home health care workers should be informed that cameras are used in the house.  You don’t have this tell them where those cameras are just that they are installed.  You can tell them you’ve installed them for other reasons other than the fact that you don’t trust them, I know I might be a little insulted being under a camera while I try to take care of someone but I would be more upset to discover the camera on my own.

If you buy a good quality hidden camera and use it in an ethical and legal way you shouldn’t have any trouble. you can buy these cameras hidden in everything from books, crucifixes, Kleenex dispenser is, clock radios, boom box radios, air fresheners, teddy bears and so many other things.

Every day more and more of these horrifying videos of elder abuse and violence against senior citizens caught on camera are making their way onto the Internet and on to the evening news.   I’d rather use these cameras to prevent abuse rather than to detect it after the fact. Let the people know that there are cameras in the home that are always on to make sure that your loved one is being cared for properly.

Check out Spy Cams that save elderly from caregiver abuse  at Brickhouse Security!

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