Home Safety for Elderly Parents

Need help caring for elderly parents? You can find skilled, caring and professional in-home caregivers to assist you with giving your aging loved one the support they need to live better.

Medical Alerts Systems.

If you know a senior citizen who lives alone – by all means get a senior alert system. These devices make calling for help as easy as pushing a button. If an elderly person falls they can be stuck on the floor for hours, if not days. Get an emergency alert button for them right away. Consider one with fall detection as often people who fall are not able to call for help. Sometimes they’re too confused, other times too embarrassed – to call for help.

Check out our complete review of medical alert systems.

Senior Nutrition

Meal delivery programs vary. You can subscribe to delicious, fresh pre-prepared gourmet meals for people who live alone and might not being eating as well as they could. If your mom or dad lives alone and is able to microwave or warm-up some foods on the stove safely, these gourmet senior meal plans might be just the thing they need to stay interested in food.

As we get older, our desire to shop, cook and eat a full nutritious meal may wane. This is especially true of older adults who live alone. Death of a spouse, divorce or displacement might make a senior think, “What’s the use of cooking?” Bit by bit they begin to develop poor eating habits. So, consider an exciting meal plan for a senior citizen as a long term investment in keeping him or her healthy and active.

Another way to promote good nutrition is to get your special senior citizen enrolled in a “golden age club” where folks gather for group dinners and meals. Keeping connected this way feeds the body while the friendships feed the soul.

For shut-ins and bedridden seniors, many communities offer “Meals on Wheels.” These programs can motivate the elderly to keep eating regularly. Contact your local church or community organization and ask about “Meals of Wheels.”

Homemaking Help for Seniors

If your parent is not able to get around easily, they can still get things done. Research some local grocery stores and pharmacies and ask about home delivery service. A local home aide can help with cooking, cleaning and non-medical procedures. An aide can help get them bathed, dressed and make sure they’re taking their prescribed medications on time and at the right dose. You can find a great home aide here.

Senior Care Products

Make life at home safer and more enjoyable for the aging. Install safety bars in the bathroom – especially in the shower. If you can afford it, a walk in bathtub will make soaking away aches and pains safer and easier. Look at the home with a critical eye towards safety, accessibility and comfort.

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